Magnific Rock/Day 7 and Goodbye!

Day 7- April 14th

Our last day together. I never felt like the trip was going too fast. but now that today is here, I cant believe its over!  After our usual morning yoga, breakfast, beach routine, a few of the girls took a trip into town for the day. the rest of us took some quite time - I went to the beach for a while. We had some time for some one on one conversations today, and that was really nice.

Nicauragua Retreat/Day One

Nicauragua Retreat Day One - April 8th .

Got up on time but took way to long getting ready and had to bust a move to the airport. Found out that for a mere $31.00 you can upgrade to priority and get in a security line that is nearly empty.


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My mission it to make a student feel like they are the only one in the room. To plant a seed that grows into a movement. A movement that takes their daydreams to real life.